Your first few days with your new Morkie puppy

Do you want to know the first two thoughts of a new puppy owner? 

I got a new puppy! Now what do I do?

Congratulations!  For the next 10 or more years, you are going to have more fun and love and licks than you know what to do with.

Let me help you get started with the first few days, and then you and your puppy will be off and running to a great life together.

Going Home

The first day with your new puppy will involve traveling, whether it’s a short distance from us or a long ride in a car.

This is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your puppy to bond with you, and show him/her that travelling can be a positive experience.

If you are driving, we recommend holding your new puppy on your lap, with someone else driving the vehicle for you, so be sure to bring a

friend or relative when you come to meet us.

We suggest you bring a donut bed, for puppy to relax in, and so you can have hands on, patting and loving your new Morkie puppy, and creating

a very strong bond, from the time puppy leaves us, to arriving to it’s new home.

For long trips, we travel with a ventilated puppy carrier, that is made up like their exercise pen at home, so it has everything puppy needs and is

fully self contained with bedding to stretch out on, a food and water dish, toys and a chewie, as well as newspaper for potty.

You can either do this,

or if you have a vehicle

where the back opens

up, then you can set it

up with everything like

our travel carriers, so

that when you need to

stop your puppy can

stretch out, as well as

have a good break, to

have a drink and possibly eat.



Remember, you DON”T want to put

your new puppy on the public

ground while traveling, as your

puppy will most likely only have it’s

first vaccine, and is not fully

immunized against dog diseases that

it can pick up, from other

unvaccinated dogs that have pooped

on the grounds.

Their feces is what will contain the

Parvo virus, and is VERY dangerous and life threatening to your new puppy!! 

So be sure that your travel carrier is well stocked with treats and their baby blanket that bears

the scent of his/her mother and litter mates. That will go a long way toward making the puppy feel comfortable traveling and in his new surroundings.

When you arrive, at home, make sure you show puppy where to go potty, as well as where his food and water dish is, and his new bed and toys…

Offer him some food by hand, to ensure that he is eating to prevent hypoglycemia, and put a teaspoon of honey in his water, to pick up his

glucose levels for the first day.

We newspaper train our puppies, so if it’s winter time, then have everything ready for puppy before you bring him/her home, show puppy

where to go, and praise him and give him a treat when he does. Puppies normally do not like to go outside when it’s raining…

Put the newspaper by the door that leads outside to the yard. When puppies need to go potty, they will be on the search, sometimes going

around in circles, looking for that “perfect” spot. This is a good time, to scoop up your puppy, take him to the bell, and then go outside.

You can start to bell train your puppy at this time, and also, remember, that your puppy will always need to go potty when awakening, so make

sure you use your key phrase, “do you need to go pee?”, take their front paw, shake the bell, and go outside with puppy.

When he/she does their business, that’s when you do the “649 happy dance”, and treat your puppy. We like to use 100% Pure liver treats.

Pretty soon, your puppy will know how to ring that bell, and know how to let you know, “hey, I need to go!” 

Little steps at a time. Only start with a few minutes outside, and work your way up from there, with longer periods, to gradually get him used to

the big outside world at his new home, so he can get used to all of the new sounds and surroundings.

As long as your puppy knows where the newspaper is, and you are there with him at all times, then he can have run of the house with you.

You can limit puppy to one room at a time, but the puppy WILL want to be with you wherever you go.

They are companion animals, and want to be with you, not isolated by themselves.

You will never go to the bathroom alone again, ha ha….

Sit on the floor with him. Love  him and talk to him, so he gets to know the sound of your voice and touch of your hand.

This is a great time to start teaching him that it’s OK for you to touch his paws, look inside or sniff his ears, rub his belly, touch his tail and groom

him with a soft brush.

Remember that puppies don’t have good bladders or sphincter control yet, and excitement can make them need to pee or poop.

If it is Spring or Summer, then you can take your puppy out to go potty after 15 to 20 minutes of play, as well as after every meal.

A potty run should be the first thing you do with him in the morning and the last thing you do with him at night.

Let your puppy spend a short amount of time in his exercise pen. 

This is a big day for him, and he needs some time to himself, so he can process his

new situation. Show him where his “safe place” is.

We usually have the exercise pens in a separate room, so puppies know that when

we put them in there, it is either nap time, or night time.

Some puppies may require that you have their night time pen in your room, so

they can feel your closeness, and for some of our puppy parents, they choose to

take their new little one to bed with them.

Puppies respond very well to the warmth and closeness of your body…..they are

babies after all!  

Taking them to bed with you at night works for some people and not for others.

Our puppies are

already trained to

sleep right through the night, from 8 pm, until 7 am in the morning.

There are no guarantees though that for the first few nights, he may be upset

leaving us, and will let you know that he is feeling lonely from leaving all that is


Reassure him, that you are there, and within a week, puppy will catch on to their

new routine, and realize they are in their forever home.

Again, this is the reason you ONLY want to put your puppy in their exercise pen,

when you absolutely have to. NEVER use it for punishment!

They are also doing very well at being newspaper trained, at the age of 4 weeks


Keep in mind though, that a puppy is not FULLY trained, until they are at least 4 months old, so there will be accidents, if you are not watching,

during the day time.

We like to use layers of newspaper, so that you can easily remove the top sheets, and it is still clean, but will have the scent for them, to

remember where to go.

The reason we use newspaper and not potty pads, is because we had one tiny male puppy that ate a hole in the pad, and when he pooped, it

was twisted all around his bowels.

We were lucky the puppy didn’t need surgery to have the cotton removed from around his intestines!! A lesson for us indeed.

You will want to remove any floor mats, as a puppy cannot discern the difference between a floor mat and newspaper for potty.

Your new puppy will come with their first Vaccine and health check at 8 weeks old.

Then you are required to make the second appointment one month from the first, and the third final appointment a month from the second. 

It’s a good opportunity for your pup to meet some nice new people, get handled by them and get some yummy treats.

Depending on when his last set of vaccinations took place, you can then schedule the next round of vaccinations.

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