Our Adopted Classic Black & Tan Morkie Babies

I’m in Love! ~Mary Zilba~from “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”~September 21, 2021

Hello Ruth!! We, & Daxter especially are doing great, Thank you!!

I think of you often and go on your website to check out your Precious babies!!

You have truly blessed us with the most Wonderful lil guy….he is so much fun and full of so much love for all of us!

We think of you often 🤗💕 Michele & Norm~Red Deer Alberta, September 19th, 2021

Hi Ruth,,,,We are in love. What a sweet girl, Bella and her love each other. I’m so happy 🙂 Cookie is so good.

She is a dream and having your support makes me feel better. She is our pride and joy. ❤️

Stacy~Victoria, B.C. September 19th, 2021

Here’s Gus & Phoebe…They are too cute, love them ❤️❤️❤️ They are easy going and happy!

~Sabina & Goran~Kitimat, B.C.~September 18th, 2021

Hi Ruth, Rosie is doing exceptionally well. We absolutely have fallen in love with her.

Thanks again for the easy transition. She does love to play and run in the grass. She is a real sweetheart.

We have a lot of fun with her. Potty training is going quite well. ~Hollis~Langley, B.C.~September 1st, 2021

Hi Ruth….Our Lacey is 6 years old, and she certainly is Special, we are so lucky, and so thankful.

Funny, she loves Walter and frequently jumps up on him.

As you know, my husband is a stroke survivor and he loves Lacey and it’s funny because she loves him too.

So Wonderful. No doubt we just love her and this was meant to be.

She sticks to us like glue, either sitting on us or 2 inches away from us. She is doing really well.

When I call her, she comes to me immediately.

In the morning, she wakes up for a belly rub, but stays in bed until I call her. We love it and she was meant for us.

Thank you~Lorna & Walter~Penticton, B.C.~August 24th, 2021

Gus and Phoebe come everywhere with me. They love the forest, moss, twigs….

Mostly walking in the bush off the leash. They have so much fun exploring.Gus is a big boy now.

Very sweet, happy, easy going puppy. My senior girls don’t mind him at all.

He can sleep next to them and even take their food. Better accepted than Phoebe. He’s a handsome boy and so cute.

He is a Joy and growing up fast. ~Sabina & Goran~Kitimat, B.C.~August 22nd, 2021

Hi Ruth. This is Mel. I have bought a morkie off of you before, about 9 years ago. Here is a photo of our Molly. 

~Mel~Quesnel, B.C.~August 28th, 2021

HI Ruth, just thought I’d send a pic of Sophie. She is doing wonderfully well.

She knows her name now and is settling in super well.

She absolutely loves the outdoors so we are spending a lot of time out in the back yard and garden together.

~Beth~Prince George, B.C.~August 18th, 2021

Hello Ruth,

I’m 5 years old today! I’m still crazy, I run and bark lots, but I’m very loved.  Thank you for breeding me 😁

You have raised most wonderful fur babes.

My Sophie, that I also got from you is now 8 1/2 , and is pretty slow and sleepy compared to Remi. 

Remi is just fun and makes us laugh often.

Love, Remi, Sophie~Doris~Prince George, B.C. August 27, 2021

Madi is loving & sweet natured. Such good company. People always ask about her & say how cute she is.

Can’t believe she will be 5 years old this August. Jean & Madi: July 2nd, 2021


Hi Ruth! I believe it was Nubs 2nd birthday yesterday, so I wanted to send you a little picture!

Hope you are doing well! Hugs, Donna and Nubs~June 29th, 2021

My partner and I have had dogs previously but had never adopted a pup from a breeder before so didn’t know what to expect

and don’t really have anything to compare the experience with. I can say, though, that Ruth was excellent at keeping us posted

on the pregnant mother dog (Bitsy) and, eventually, puppy developments. She provided regular (weekly) pictures after our Nano

(a Morkie) was born and began calling him by our chosen name right away. Ruth had helped the pups through some

developmental milestones so, by the time he came to us, Nano was pretty much sleeping through the night and was already

trained to use paper/pads. He had very few “accidents” after arriving in our home. Nano came to us after his initial shots and with

a veterinarian certificate, and we took him to our vet within 72 hours – all was as had been noted by the initial vet. 

Overall we had nothing but a positive experience with Ruth. She seems a compassionate breeder who loves the pups in her care

until they move to their forever homes. Here’s a recent pic of our Nano who is turning into an active teenager. He has a mind of

his own but is also learning well through “obedience” classes, has chewed next to nothing of import and (I think!) would be

severely embarrassed by any “accident” at this point!

I think this answers your questions. Looking back over them, I think I missed this one:  “did they help ensure that your puppy was

a good fit for your family?” It seemed to me that Ruth’s application process was relatively rigorous so she took some

responsibility for finding a good fit for the puppies. I also remember reading a lot of her website content, which I found helpful. I

was somewhat familiar with the Morkie breed as we’d had an acquaintance with one so I was pretty sure there would be a good

fit with us.

I sent along the picture of Nano (without the Christmas hat!).

Take care. Avery ~Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Ruth,

I couldn’t resist sending you these recent snaps of Nano in two of his favourite places – the beach and the woods!

It’s been a year since we brought him home and couldn’t love him more.

I hope it’s going well with Bitsy and her five babies this year … I know you’ll find them all wonderful forever homes. 

Warm regards, 

Avery, Peter and Nano. 


I would be happy to offer how our experience has been with Ruth at Morkie Babies.

We were introduced to Ruth four years ago from a close friend of ours in Burnaby and we were fortunate to get our puppy

Francesco. It was our first puppy ever and to be honest we were quite nervous also but Ruth was so great and very

accommodating helping us adapt. Always available fielding calls from us and emails and offering great advice, teaching us along

the way until we picked him up. Ruth is a first class breeder that loves all her puppies and is very concerned where they go, even

going as far as taking puppies back if they don’t end up being a proper family fit. Since Francesco four years ago we have put four

of our close friends that all purchased puppies from Ruth and I’m glad to say that all the dogs are healthy and happy. We are

actually on the list to purchase another puppy from Ruth for my mother in law this Spring.

I hope I was able to put your mind at ease regarding Morkie Babies… you and your family would be extremely happy with the

entire experience.

This is Francesco today. 

Regards, Ric~Burnaby, B.C. Vice President, Construction.


Hi Ruth,

Well, Arya has done it again !

She has now reached intermediate level and at the end of April will start ADVANCED class for 6 weeks once a week !

She is getting so good at house training and commands like sit, down, go, stay, collar, bed, down, look fetch and even

knows the names of her toys !!

She is even good as a goalie at football in the bedroom which is her 8pm play area when we do circuit training and

kick boxing.

This morning for a beach walk, she signaled she wanted to go out of the gate to the beach.

Life jacket ready for summer.

She won’t eat her food or take a treat unless she has permission with OK or Go !

She loves making eye contact for the commands in anticipation.

For the advanced class we need better recall so keep her on the lead most times and if helping me in the garden she

is on a long leash tied to a tree as sometimes something spookes her.

She loves to snuggle with us in bed and goes from very docile and sleepy to crazy run around Arya like in figure 8’s !

Hope all is well with you an family. Best wishes,

Mark, Cecilia and Arya


Molly tubbing~Maryline~Victoria, B.C.


Good Morning Ruth. This is Aubrey….Father of Gus. Just a quick update. He’s perfect. He’s pretty much fully trained.

Sits on command. He loves to be loved, that’s for sure as we love him dearly. In two weeks he’s doing his first flight to NB with us.

He has the Sweetest disposition!!!! Our condo looks like a war zone with all his toys.

Lily….Roberta’s Morkie also from you a few years ago….is his best friend.

They play really well with each other and have become great friends.~Aubrey~Edmonton, Alberta

Good morning Ruth. Well, he did pretty good actually. He’s not made a mess once…. He’s hit his training pad every time.

For a few hours last night he cried. From about 10 until 1 am.

So I took him out of the bedroom and put him into the living room where he settled.

Got up this morning at 5 and he pottied and has been a happy camper ever since.

He met my sisters dog which is a Yorkie….and took right away to her. We love love love love him!!!!

He has been playful the whole trip so far. He is settled in and bouncing all over the place.

He’s very happy…We are too. ~Aubrey & Kevin~Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Ruth, Apple is great. She’s super adorable and the best dog I can ever ask for.~Melanie~Richmond, B.C.

A young Celebrity, Carter, who stars on the CBC Hallmark Channel series, of “When Calls the Heart”


I wanted to send you a pic of Carter and Baxter that you may want to put up on your page to show off one of your

youngest stars, LOL. 

This is one of the first pics we took of her the weekend we got her so shows how small “puppy” like.

I have some other pics but she has grown, seems like she has doubled.. but still cute as a button. 

Loving, playful, smart and training pretty well.

She has been a real blessing in our home… despite the early morning some time wake ups for potty outside.

If you want any more pics just let me know.

All the best,

Carol Dorlyn Vanessa Carter & Baxter xo~Vancouver, B.C.

“Ronnie from the “Real Housewives of Vancouver, adopted “Sasha.”


 Ronnie’s niece, Paige from the “Real Housewives of Vancouver, adopted ” Kola.”

Hi Ruth, Introducing Kola ♥ We’re all so in love with her!!!

She has such a gentle personality with a bounce to her step, ha ha.  She is so brave,  amazingly good and wonderful.

She wakes me up to go potty by licking my face. ♥ ♥ Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy. We’ll keep in touch!!

Cheers, Paige~Vancouver, B.C.

Sweet Teddy Bear Morkie baby Gus~adopted by Aubrey & Kevin~Edmonton, Alberta

Hope you’re doing well, love all your new puppies in the last few months! Soooo cute!

Lexi had another big day outside, her and Malia have been going on daily morning walks with Bruce, for over the last 2 months now.

Lexi is a real character, we just absolutely love her:) Thought you would enjoy a couple of pictures.

Take Care 🙂 p.s. Malia and her are  totally inseparable! 💞~Pam~Kamloops, B.C.

Here’s Zoey (female White & Cream) and Zachary (male Black & Tan) two of our Darling Morkie babies. 

Happy Birthday kiss to Zoey from Zachary. Pretty sure we will be chatting again possibly next year for another sweet Morkie.

You breed great babies! ❤️ ~Cathy~Kelowna, B.C.

Hi Ruth, Mia has had her last shots & she is sleeping now & I am getting a rest. She is ready to go outside in 3 or 4 days so the Vet says.

I got her a little yellow slicker yesterday, and some random shots. Have a great weekend~Love Donna & Mia~New Westminister, B.C.

Here is a photo of little Mia, first thing in the morning. Adopted by~Donna of New Westminister, B.C.

Hi Ruth: Apple is super great. Just wanted to let you know.

She’s very comfortable around us and many of our friends have been visiting and she’s comfortable around people and kids. ~Melanie~Richmond, B.C.

Lucy’s first cut~Karen~Trail, B.C.

Molly got spayed today and was such a good girl! Now she’s got her little pj on.

Hi Ruth: I’m in love with Molly. She’s doing great!

She slept for most of the night, except when you gave her some water and put her on her pad to pee.

This morning she had a little of dry food and a little of her wet food. She is currently playing.

I gave someone your number yesterday, she saw Molly and fell in love, lol

We had our Vet appointment yesterday and Molly is healthy.

And I found a pouch similar to what you have and she loves it!

She still looks like a little doll, lol~Maryline~Victoria, B.C.


Lily is 2 today! She is up on 2 cushions, so she’s not too sure what to do. We are so grateful to have this little monkey,,,

She is so much fun and gives so much love and joy to us. Thank you, ~Jenny and Jeff~Vancouver, B.C.

Hi Ruth, It is a small world.

Today I was walking my “Morkie baby” Madi, in the woods & we met another of your babies.

She was one named Susie I think. Anyhow, she looked exactly like Madi only smaller.

Got talking with the owner & they got theirs from you also. Both of us just love our little dogs!!

Thank you again for my baby….she is the best!!! I just happen to have numerous pics of Madi.

She has lightened up a lot. She loves everyone & everyone thinks she is so cute & cuddly.

I will recommend you to anyone!!

~Jean~Victoria, B.C.


Love at first sight!~Sarah~Delta, B.C.


Another Cutie face of Morkie baby Apple 🙂~Melanie~Richmond, B.C.

This video is super adorable of Apple!~Melanie~Richmond, B.C.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~ Molly & Maryline ~Victoria, B.C.

Thought you may enjoy this. Lucy’s first 6 months. We all adore her, even Hamilton.

Lucy got spayed on Wed, all went well, she’s back to her old self. ~Karen~Trail, B.C.

Hi Ruth, Just want to let you know that Apple is settling in very well. I take her around for walks around my apartment building.

She knows where the potty is and is eating very well. Vet said she is great and perfectly healthy. We will see the vet again at 12 weeks.

She’s doing so well. I am starting to understand her signs and personality. 🙂 I’m so lucky!~Melanie~Richmond, B.C.

Thank you so much for giving Murphy his first loves, his kindness and his temperament. He is lovely. ~Leanne~Richmond, B.C.

Hi Ruth: Long time. How are you? Just wanted to share a few pictures of Daisy and Duke with you. They are doing great.

Hard to believe they are weeks away from their first birthdays. Ya, they’re pretty cute. Big snugglers. ~Dean & Laura~Surrey, B.C.

I can’t believe Lily ( Santa is holding her up higher) is almost 2. She is an amazingly sweet, smart, funny and so loving. Thank-you!

Have a Very Merry Christmas! ~Jenny-Leigh and Jeff~Vancouver, B.C.

Our Murphy~Pat~Parksville, B.C.

Murphy loves his pouch when we go walking. Murphy is now 6 lbs and just had his allover first cut.

Spent last week camping and he loves to walk in the waters edge. Hates to be alone but we r working on that. 🙂 Our Murphy boy….1 year old. Glasses were edited on by my grand daughter. He is totally loved and sadly spoiled. 🙂~Pat~Parksville, B.C.

Classic Black & Tan Morkie baby Apple~Sold to Melanie of Richmond, B.C.

2. Classic Black & Tan Morkie baby Cookie~Sold to Carole & Chuck of Parksville, B.C.

Dear Ruth,

I thought I would let you know how Rafa is doing.  He is 7 lbs. of fun.  Rafa is a great little puppy.

He loves to play, we go for long walks and he can be off leash whenever we are away from roads.

My husband has grown quite fond of the little guy and everybody loves Rafa.  He is just so cute.

He listens, knows all his basic commands and I am slowly getting him ready for some agility training.  

Our son Max does not live with us and if I say to Rafa, “Max is coming” he will run to my office jump up on my desk and look out the window for him…then run to the door, then back to the window… I don’t tease him, but it is so funny to see him wait for Max either here or at our cabin…

I am so glad I decided to get a dog, and Rafa has proven to be a delightful little companion. 

Thank you Ruth for being such a wonderful breeder.  Rafa is a healthy dog, his coat is sooooo soft. 

I keep it short now because he is always in the garden or walking or rolling in something. 

He is nothing short of adorable.  Thanks ever so much for approving me as an owner.  

My best, ~Kathleen~Surrey, B.C.

Hi Ruth,

We realized that it was Jasper’s 6 month birthday last week and wanted to let you know how amazing he’s doing.

He is the most playful, adorable and intelligent dog.

We absolutely love him and are so thankful that we have such a perfect addition to our family.

He’s been sleeping through the night for a couple months and is fully potty trained.

He is able to sit on command, has almost got stay and come down pat (when he wants to) and is learning to shake a paw.

He loves walks and plays really well with other dogs.

He is comfortable visiting new places, loves our families and friends, and is patient with my young nephews.

He is so full of energy and has a big personality for a little guy. He makes us laugh and smile constantly.

He’s very healthy and is such a well-adjusted little guy. Other than car rides nothing seems to bother him. He LOVES romping in the snow.

I’ve attached some recent pictures of him with his handsome silver fur.

Thank you so much for taking care to breed such happy and healthy puppies.

He is everything we dreamed of in a dog and more, we are so grateful for the work you do with the parents and puppies. 

I hope that you are having a nice end of fall/start of winter. Enjoy the holiday season, I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up.

Thank you so much!~Katie and Lyndon~Saint Albert, Alberta

Hello Ruth! I thought I’d send you a quick update on our Roo.

She continues to be the center of our lives, and loves to come to work.

She prefers to sit right on my desk like a stuffed toy and watch me edit videos. Everyone gets a hoot out of it.

She also loves everything about camping-especially the mud!

Roo’s a digger who loves to collect sticks, go on forest walks, sleep in front of the campfire, and dive into any sort of water.

She thinks she’s a Labrador! She also just got her recent vaccinations and another clean bill of health.

She continues to eat REALLY well and is now a solid 4 pounds. She’s learned how to sit on command and lie down.

She’s big enough to jump onto couches and beds and do stairs all by herself so she keeps us hopping and we’re loving it.

Roo’s truly fearless about the world around her.

She sleeps with us full time now and is content to snuggle in bed for as long as we want to snooze. 🙂

She starts Obedience classes next week to help her socialize more and learn how to not bark so much when we tell her “no”-definitely a little Alpha! Anyway, she’s a Sweetheart. She makes us so happy.

People literally stop their cars on the street when we’re out to come see her. She’s quite a creature!

So many strangers stop to take her picture that she actually poses now when she sees a phone pointing at her-

if you can believe it! ~Alicia~Edmonton, Alberta


Just another check in from Charlie.

She is basically 80 percent potty trained and I took her for her second set of vaccinations and the vet said that he is very pleased with how healthy she is. When I’m home I let her have free range of the house and she never gets into anything she shouldn’t.

Today she went missing for an hour upstairs so I went to check on her and she was chilling out with a bone.

:)~Lara~Fort Saskatchewan

Charlie has so much personality but is so well behaved.

I’m going to message you again in the Spring because we will be moving into a bigger house and will want a buddy for our Baby Baby Boo Boo (Charlie lol). Just one more thing….no one believes us when we say she sleeps through the night.

I guess that isn’t very common with puppies but she sleeps like an Angel.

And then in the morning I bring her to bed with me and she sleeps even longer, lol. Thanks, Ruth….

I have so many friends who have had puppies from breeders but no one has had as good an experience as me.

My boyfriend was very hesitant because he had a very bad experience in the past.

But right away he fell in love and was shocked by how well behaved and adjusted she is.

We are so in love and I’m already anxious about going back to work.

Charlie will even sometimes choose to go to play in the pen den area, so I”m hoping she will be ok when we leave her.

I’m hiring a dog walker to come at lunch to play with her while I’m gone.

We are just so happy with Charlie. Honestly she is the love of our life. We won’t be having children so she is our little baby.

And we are just so happy. And like I said keep us in mind for a sibling in a year. She will for sure want someone to play with 🙂

Tony said no sleeping in bed, but look what happened! Hahaha

Next year there will be 2. 🙂 Oh wait….one more picture….my friend donated all of her old boy puppy clothes to me.

Hahahahaha, the cutest little baby you have ever seen! Tony got mad because he said she was a girl and needed to wear pink, lol

I feel like she could model. 🙂 Anyways, thank you, you really are so amazing and we can’t wait to adopt again.

I’ll send you some fall updates.♥~Lara & Tony~Fort Saskatchewan


Hi Ruth, just a quick note to let you know little Roo is doing great!

She’s running and jumping and talking with confidence now and developing quite a distinct personality-we just love her.

She’s an amazing little traveler already-so laid back-and a joy to take along on new adventures….she sure does like being outside! ~Alicia~Edmonton, Alberta

Baby Roo is a natural at fetch 🙂


Hi Ruth, Just wanted to give you a quick update. Charlie is doing amazing.

She has only made a couple accidents in the house and is well on her way to be potty trained.

She sleeps through the night and has the best little personality. She is so well behaved, we can’t believe it.

She gets attention everywhere we go and everyone tells me she is the cutest thing they have ever seen.

Our neighbors even want a morkie now. She is my little baby boo lol….Thanks again for all of your help.

I’m hoping in a year my boyfriend will let us get a brother or sister for her.~Lara~Fort Saskatchewan 

1) Baby Roo~ is *SOLD* to Alicia of Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you Alicia, for this beautiful Memoir for baby Roo! 

Baby Ruby Roo was the first Morkie baby to leave for her new home in Edmonton!

She’s doing so well~everyone loves her. We’re all in love with that tongue:)

Thanks again for everything Ruth, we’ll send you updates. My mom cried when she met her ♥

~Alicia~Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Ruth, just a quick note to say it’s been a great first week together with Roo~she’s settling in and making herself at home. She loves to race around the condo and wrestle with her octopus.

She slept all night last night for the first time and didn’t wake me up~of course, it had to be because she was in our bed, which she adores 🙂 Noon and still sound asleep!~Alicia~Edmonton, Alberta

2) Jasper~ is *SOLD* to Katie & family of St Albert, Alberta

Jasper was the second Morkie baby to leave for his new home in Alberta!

Hi Ruth, I just wanted to update you on how amazing Jasper is doing!

He had a vet checkup yesterday and is in excellent shape.

He’s been doing his business outside or on the paper, eating well, and is just so smart and loving that we can’t believe he’s real!

Thank you for paper training him so well and giving him so much love, he’s the perfect puppy and I can’t say enough times how sweet and smart and playful he is. We LOVE him!!!! ♥♥♥ ~ Katie~St Albert, Alberta

3) Charlie~ is *SOLD* to Lara & family of Fort Saskatchewan!

Charlie was the third Morkie baby to leave for her new home in Saskatchewan!

Just wanted to let you know that Charlie had a wonderful sleep last night and we have been spending the whole day together playing and working on potty training. She is perfect.~Lara~Fort Saskatchewan

5) Lucy~ is *SOLD* Karen of Trail, B.C.~Karen has one of our morkie babies~Hamilton.

He will be getting a new sister to play with! 

She is perfect! Thank you! You are the best breeder ever! You care about them, that’s what counts. 🙂

That’s why they end up being well adjusted dogs. So much like children in many ways.~Karen~Trail, B.C.

Lucy was the fourth Morkie baby to leave for her new home in Trail, B.C.!

OMG Ruth….Lucy is adorable.

We have been sitting here with her and she is already warming up to us, and licking my nose. She is wonderful.

She is playing with us, ate well, and even had a romp before bedtime. You did an amazing job. ~Karen~Trail, B.C.

4) Lucas~ is *SOLD* to Ed & family of Vancouver, B.C. ~Ed has one of our babies~ Lucy.

Now she will have a new brother to play with!


Lucas is doing great. He’s getting accustomed to us, but it looks like it’s going well. He’s very very cute.

We walked with him and everyone stopped to look at him! Adorable.

Thanks so much for letting us give him a home!~Ed~Vancouver, B.C.


Another round of Super Healthy puppies!!! ♥ They were little Angels at the Vets.

Not even a peep, when they got their first vaccine! 🙂


Lexi is doing wonderful!!!! Still getting their hour walk with their Dad every morning.

Then every other day I take them again for 1/2 hr.

They love being outside, and when they get tired, well you can see what they do, when we are still outside.

Love love all your new litters! Take care, Pam~Vernon, B.C.


Phoenix~ renamed Zoey~ 

Zoey was our first Morkie baby to leave the nest.

Here’s  first baby Zoey with her two new best friends in her new home.

We are soooo in love!! We love our baby Zoey, she is amazing. Such a good girl. ♥♥♥ 

I’d love to have many, many more!!!! I can’t handle her cuteness, lol….~Kindra~Kelowna, B.C

Ruby-renamed Zoe~ * SOLD* to Ginger of Coquitlam, B.C.

                                               Zoe was our second Morkie baby to leave this litter

So far, so good! Here’s second baby Zoe of our litter posing in her new home. Thanks Ginger!



Elfie- *SOLD* to Cheryl of Calgary, Alberta

Elfie was the third Morkie baby to leave the litter.

Here’s a photo of him with his new and VERY happy family. 


Hi Ruth: We made it home & Jo Jo has settled right in.

Thought I would touch base, her little personality is coming out.

She responds to her name & already sits & fetches her little ball.

We are happy together 🙂 She may be spoiled, Ruth, lol…~Lori~Whitehorse, Yukon Territory  

Teddy Bear Morkie baby boy Otto (now named Ollie) is *SOLD* to Kassie & family of Langley, B.C.

Ollie will be the last to leave for his new home on Saturday! 🙂

Here is Baby Ollie meeting his new Mommy, Kassie….

He is the cutest little guy ever, oh my goodness. Thank you so much for everything. I can’t thank you enough.

He is absolutely amazing.

He’s been eating and drinking and peeing….one poop so far….he’s so playful and happy, yet calm.

He is sleeping on my chest right now with his head resting on my shoulder.

I’m surprising my daughter tomorrow with him. He’s such a little ham….He’s played right out.

My two girlfriends were shocked how calm and happy he is.

No shaking or shivering or making shy to anyone. He’s doing so awesome. You’ve done a wonderful job! ~Kassie~Langley, B.C.

Good Morning; Well, he made it through the first night like a Champ. He’s still sleeping.

I let him out at 6 am for a pee and he went right back to sleep. I may have had him sleep with me the whole night.  

I think he’s tuckered out from yesterday still….I’m ready to get up but he’s not, lol…

I couldn’t leave him on the floor in my bedroom last night and he settled right in on my bed once I put him there.

My parents couldn’t believe how calm and friendly he is….he’s just perfect.

We stopped at the DQ in Cache Creek and he got the attention of everyone who walked by my car.

I’m sure I will have people interested….I know my parents are over the moon about him, lol….

He loves slippers and socks and shoe laces, lol,loves the back yard. He’s exploring right now.~Kassie~Langley, B.C.

I’m surprising my daughter shortly with him…..it went great.

She just loves him and he is all over her giving her kisses….he’s such a ham!!! Thank you.

He’s sleeping on her pillow right beside her head. I think he likes her! He took to her right away.

I’ve never come across a puppy quite like him. His disposition is like no other. So loving!

I can’t handle the cuteness! Oh my, lol….Thank you again. He definitely is one loved little guy. 🙂

Kassie~Langley BC

Hi Ruth,

My little puppy is now five months old.  He is a lot of fun….quite active, very affectionate, cheeky too!

Rafa is a smart little dog and his trainer (or should I say my trainer) has nothing but compliments about him. 

He is a very healthy dog and his coat is so soft and lustrous.  You are a good breeder Ruth and Rafa is a great testament to your care.

I just got Rafa clipped and thought you might like to see a picture of him. 

I am so glad I got this pup, even though I think raising a child is easier.  

Rafa is being neutered this month and i am going to get a chip put in.  All the best,~Kathleen~Vancouver, B.C.

~Classic Black & Tan color~Murphy~RESERVED FOR PATTY OF PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.

Hi Ruth! I hope you and your family are doing SO well! This is Silvia, Francesco #2’s mom! 

Oh my goodness, Francesco has changed our entire family and extended family’s lives!!! Hehe….

He is the biggest cutie and everyone is soooo in love. You make the most perfect little darlings.

My aunt and cousin (also soooo in love with Francesco) are considering getting their own little pup.

They asked me to reach out to you if you have plans for more pups in the next few months and if your wait list is very long, etc…

That last one is my favorite family photo~

the reason we are all cracking up is because we just noticed Francesco licking the icing off the birthday cake secretly!!!!

Bwahahaha….He is in the bottom right hand corner trying to lick the cake. lol…He is the absolute BEST. ♥~Silvia & family~New Westminister, B.C.

Lily’s 1st Birthday! 1st pic she was too low so the other 2 she is up on a cushion.

Lily is an Amazing girl (beautiful, funny, smart, loving) and of course she is so totally loved.  I find it hard to believe that she is 1 yr old.

Lily was so unsure as to why she was on a chair.

I will try to do the same each year, it will be cute to look back on and she will get to know what it is all about. Thank you.~Jenny~Vancouver, B.C.

Hi Ruth: I just wanted to thank you again, for the most adorable and wonderful baby Morkie baby ever!

She has the cutest little Teddy bear face like you said, and I really appreciated you allowing us to your home for a visit to see the puppies and your pet family.

I was astonished at how well behaved your dogs were, and also going over the grooming tips you gave us.

We liked the family atmosphere, and you not rushing us out the door….. Maggie was meant to be for us.

We have been looking over a lot of ads for the perfect puppy for about a year now. We will definitely give you a reference any time!!

Thank you for the book on training, and all of the little goodies. Maggie is spoiled already.

She also sleeps through the night, and has been doing potty on the papers and we are introducing her to our outside, and she likes it!

So, thank you , thank you and thank you!

Irene~Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Ruth~ Perfect health examination. He didn’t make a noise with the injections. We love him. Thank you very much for gifting us with him. ~Gina~Vancouver, B.C.

Hi Ruth, Here are some pics of Lily and Lola. One is with her ‘pumpkin’ coat, another while visiting a girlfriend, and of course ‘a visit with Santa.

Lily is so loved. It’s hard to put into words how much. She is smart, funny and is so full of love. Thank-you! She is very beautiful.

I have left her coat long for now, as she is really beautiful with it; it hasn’t been matting much;

She seems to enjoy being combed (as long as we don’t find any tangles). I imagine she could turn silver? What ever colour, she is perfect.

She was by far the best dog at the dog obedience classes. 🙂 We are thrilled with her.

We hope you have a really good Christmas, health and happiness in the New Year!~Jenny~Leigh~Vancouver, B.C.

Hi Ruth, we are settling back  into Edmonton. Ella is so good. She just cuddled and slept for the trip home.

We are already so in love and can’t believe what a great dog she is. She did very well her first night.

She only whined for about a minute and then settled into her bed for the night. She’s been running around this morning exploring.

She seems to be pretty happy and loves lots of cuddles. She likes to drag all the toys to the blanket, ha ha….

She is very sweet and is very active today. We just love her! And I heard her brother did well last night as well!

Nikki and I look forward to getting the two puppies together in the future.  I’ll continue to update you as she settles in over the next few days. 

She likes to sleep on the laundry while I try and fold it and she has been going to puppy classes which she loves.

I’ll be sure to send more photos in the future. Thanks Ruth!

~Ashley~Edmonton, Alberta

This tiny little Classic Black & Tan Morkie girl is now sold to Treena of Campbell River.

Hi Ruth 🙂 Here are a few pictures of Francesco and Bosco celebrating their Birthday. ~Kat~Burnaby, B.C.

 Thank you for bringing these little ones into our lives 🙂

 Francesco on his 1st Birthday. ~Kat~Burnaby, B.C.

Hi Ruth. Hope you’re well. I meant to send this to you on the boys birthday. They’re both doing very well. 🙂

Bosco & Francesco~2 years old! 🙂 ♥♥

Francesco got some new toys from his cousins! he he….(my cousins 10 year old twin girls). He is doing so well!! ♥ Silvia~ Vancouver, B.C.

Lily continues to bring Joy to my life and she has become a loved member of my building.

Many offers to co-parent her.

She is doing great, eating well and she passed her screen with the Vet with flying colors.

Thanks for everything Ruth, you do a great job. Here’s my girl. She is such a Joy.~Roberta~Edmonton, Alberta.

He is so good! He got lots of activity and is fast asleep now. Has been peeing on grass or newspaper.

Had one good poop. Hasn’t eaten too much though. But we encouraged fluids and he did drink okey. So cuddly!!!

Melts our hearts. You have been amazing , Ruth.

And have trained them so well! I am in awe….he has only peed on newspaper or on the grass! LOL….

I will continue to send you updates, and will likely have questions too. Francesco is the cutest EVER!

We have a big area rug and he wouldn’t leave the boundaries of it, scared to go on the hardwood.

But now he is a brave boy and exploring everywhere! He is very attached to Kai 🙂 Potty training continues to go well! Such a good boy.

We are in LOVE. Thank you so much. 🙂 He is THE CUTEST !!!!! We all love him sooooo much. ♥♥ You raise the most precious, sweetest babies!

 So nice to meet you and your husband!  🙂 ~Patrick, Silvia and family from Vancouver, B.C.




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