Foods to keep on hand for your new puppy

I felt it was important to share what I keep in my house for the puppies.

These are things that I ALWAYS keep in my house, just in case your puppy is not eating, or has diarrhea.

Or if you simply want to add more for your puppies well being

These are foods are okey, and approved by Veterinarians, to always have on hand.

Sometimes a puppy will not eat, due to the stress of leaving their loving home, and the travel involved with going to a strangers

home, away from all that is familiar, and away from their siblings. Please don’t assume that your puppy is eating & drinking. 

It is up to YOU to ensure that your puppy is eating and drinking. 

It will take about a week for your puppy to acclimate from my home to yours. Please be patient with your new Morkie baby!!

1) Sweet potatoes, mashed – helps support a healthy digestive system, on account of their high dietary fibre content, low in fat,

and contains essential vitamins like B6, C and A

You can offer this to them anytime, with no salt, no butter.

2) Skinless boneless chicken, boiled- provides Protein, builds muscle and has Omega 6 fatty acids that help with their skin & coat. 

I often boil 1 chicken breast, and add 1 cup of Minute Rice, 2 cups of chicken broth, and 1/3 Cottage cheese, blended.

3)Low fat cottage cheese- Helps sooth inflamed stomachs.You can offer small amounts.


4)Honey- has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties, reduces inflammation, soothes stomachs.

Also it  is good to pick up their glucose levels if they are feeling down. 

You can put a 1/4 of a teaspoon directly in their mouth, or put 1 Tablespoon in their drinking water.

(which I suggest doing the first day you have your puppy)

5)Beef Liver- Contains up to 100 times more nutrients than any other meat. It also helps to clean your dog from toxins.

Boiled, and cut in very tiny pieces. Don’t offer too much as it’s rich in Iron and could promote diarrhea.

The same goes for the liver treats.

6) Chicken Broth- Contains Collagen, with is good for joint health, and glycine,

an amino acid that helps detox your dogs kidneys and liver. I

I like to boil the chicken in this, as well, I make Chicken broth ice cubes, and offer this to them.

They enjoy it, and it helps for hydration.     

7)Canned Pumpin- is a great source of fiber, and helps with digestive regularity. It helps with both constipation & diarrhea.

It also helps ease stomach issues. You can mix 1 tablespoon into their food.

8) Boiled LEAN Beef Hamburger- NOT RAW-Rich in essential amino acids, minerals & vitamins. 

9) Plain Yogurt- Provides Probiotic and Anti fungal benefits and is an excellent source of Calcium & Acidophilus, 

that helps with their digestive tract.Just a small spoonful is sufficient enough. 

10)Minute Rice or Brown Rice- is a natural fibre which helps a dogs digestion.

It’s also an excellent source of Carbohydrates, vitamins D and B.It helps to bind them, in case of diarrhea or stomach upset.  

11) Pedialyte, non flavored-is good to replace electrolytes…

You can offer this in a bowl for drinking along with a bowl of water as well. 

Blessings and Good Health to all of my Precious Morkie babies out there! ❤️

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