Our adopted “Parti colored” Morkie babies

I did it.  I registered Lexi and I for a class, it is not therapy training yet, but a suggested ‘prerequisite’.

 It is basically an obedience class to prepare for therapy pet prep class which then helps you get certified with St

Johns or PALS.  Super excited! XO~Laura~Calgary, Alberta

Our Gorgeous Morkie baby Presley at 4 weeks old.

She is soooo Beautiful and we are VERY proud to have this baby born to us from Ruby’s litter.

Going to her new home to Tammy in St. Albert, Alberta.

Sweet Morkie baby Theo, one of Maggies litter, and so proud of him. Picture taken at 7 weeks old.

Going to his new home to Kristie & family in Sherwood Park, Alberta!

We don’t get Parti babies often, so we consider their color RARE.

She’s so in love with Theo

Theo has settled in amazing!

He’s been playing with the kids on the deck and so far so good with Lucy, our Labradoodle.

Lucy kind of doesn’t care about him, lol~Kristie~Sherwood Park, Alberta

These kids can’t get enough of him and he seems to be warming up to everyone. And he’s actually quite used to Lucy.

She just follows him around, lol…He is getting more love than he can probably take here. ♥ 

~Kristie~Sherwood Park, Alberta

I just directed yet another lady to your site.

I just took Lexi to the Hospice to introduce her to the facility and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Everybody loved her of course but one lady in particular who is shopping for her next Companion fell in love with

her!! Her name is Gisele and she is lovely.

Gave her your website and bragged about you and how you raise them, etc. We always refer people, Ruth.

We have a walking advertisement that is just promoting you everywhere lol!

Love and hugs from us to you.~Laura~Calgary, Alberta

Cooper piles all of his toys together at night….so darn cute….~Lynda~Kamloops B.C.

Your little girl, Belle, now Dusti Mae is one year old today. Loving life in Kelowna. ~Dustin & Peggy~Kelowna, B.C.

Here is Lexi…..Stunning!!~Kylee~Smithers, B.C.


Hi Ruth





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