Potty Training~Winter versus Spring

Potty Training a puppy during the cold Winter months and getting your dog to go outside at all may be a struggle.

It will be more difficult to start house training a puppy in the Winter, rather than the Summer.

When temperatures start to fall below 7.2 degrees Celsius, or 45 degrees Farenheit, tiny Morkie puppies will get

uncomfortable and will need protection. So, you want to make sure your timing of the season is right.

Winters can be quite cold with occasional snow storms, and the activities that you can do outside are limited during

the Winter. Therefore, it is better to raise your young puppy during the Spring/Summer months.

Going outside with your Morkie baby in the middle of the night in Summer is a lot better than going outside in

January or February. It is kind of miserable standing outside at 3 AM when it’s pitch black and freezing.

Getting the puppy outside is sure easier in the Spring & Summer months without having to grab your coat, boots, hat

& gloves!

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