Product Praise & Warnings

I would like to share some Excellent products out there, that my dogs absolutely LOVE!!

This is one store bought treat that my dogs get. They are dried Sardines….we call them Fishies!

You can get the large bags at Bone & Biscuit!

Many people ask why our Morkie babies coats are so nice and don’t shed this is why !!! Dried Sardines!

They are super healthy for your pets, they are high in DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids and a great natural source of calcium.

These treats can be used for training as they are extremely fragrant.

These sardines are human grade and are dried naturally, there is no added salt or any other preservative added.

Beware though.

Your room can get pretty stinky, if you forget to zip the bag shut! I learned the hard way.

I love sharing my experiences that work for our dogs. 💜💜

Another great product out there is Busters Tasty Liver Treats.

Many of the Save on Foods carry this, but if you can’t find it, you can order it on Amazon! 100% Pure Liver.

This can last a long time, because you just break off tiny pieces for them. Also beware NOT to give them too much.

This is 100% PURE liver, and can give your puppy the runs if given too much at one time.

Another Product Praise…..Instinct raw boost mixers with Chicken, Apple, Sweet Potatoes, Peas & Blueberries.

To top your kibble with. Give it a try if you have a picky Morkie.

Simply top their kibble with it dehydrated, or re hydrate with water to add fruits and vegetables to your dogs meal.

They absolutely love all of the boosters,,,there’s also one with Cranberries. Bought at Petsmart.

The Puppy Teething keys are made with soft, puppy friendly material to satisfy the chewing needs of teething pups

and encourages positive chewing habits.

Plus the bristles raised during chewing help clean  teeth and prevent tartar buildup.

It keeps them entertained as well.

All of my puppies enjoy rolling this Treat Ball around.

I put their kibble in it, and knock it around for them, so the kibble falls out in small segments, and the puppies are

then eating their kibble, so you can be ensured that they are eating.

It is like a game for them, and then they learn how to roll it themselves, and be rewarded.

It takes the boredom out of the day for them.



From a friend please read!!!

FYI. To all my friends and family who have a pet.

This weekend I bought a couple bones at “Petsmart” for

Guido and Smudge.

The name of the bone is “NYLABONE” chicken flavored.

Smudge had a seizure while chewing the bone.

He is two. My sister googled the Nylabone.

One of the side effects is they are toxic and can cause


Your pet can not digest the bone if they swallow it.

And you’ll need to have it surgically removed.

There is a push to get them pulled off the shelves.

So pet owners beware.

I’m buying only natural bones and horns to chew.

☆ Thank you all for sharing ☆

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