Thank you for considering filling out an application with us. 

We have now started a waiting list, and are accepting applications, for our litter of puppies coming soon!

Puppies will be born in July and ready for homes for the end of September!

Waiting List:

I do have a waiting list and I expect all of the puppies to be spoken for.

If you are interested in getting a puppy, in the future, I would suggest you have me add your name to my waiting list.

This, of course, holds you to no obligation but it does give you a chance to acquire a puppy when one becomes available.

Our Morkie babies are $2100 for a male or female.

Our puppies come in colors of:

Classic Black & Tan, Caramel, Chocolate, Gold, Parti, Tri & White & Cream!!

If you would like to have the opportunity to have one of our fun loving Morkie babies,

then please fill out the application below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We will be accepting only the best qualified forever homes. 

Please do not place a deposit unless your Morkie application is accepted.

We will try to thoroughly and fairly evaluate your Morkie application within approximately 72 hours.

We will respond with a detailed answer that will essentially be “yes,” “no,” or “wait.”

If we were to respond to your application with a “yes,”

you would have the option of placing a deposit which would apply to the price of your puppy.

Once you place the deposit, you will receive litter announcements to choose which pup you want from a given litter.

You also have the option to pass on as many litters as you want.

For us, the application lets us evaluate if you would be an ideal forever home.

If you are, the deposit shows us that you are serious….

Morkie Litter Announcement

When we have Morkie puppies available, we will announce them on our Available Morkies page. PUPPIES AVAILABLE SOON!

As we have experienced increased demand for our Morkies,  we know that families want to plan their schedules anticipating the new arrival.

We’ve decided to take applications for our litters, accept the best applications, and allow a deposit to hold someone’s place in line

(if you’re application is accepted ).


Please apply today if you would like to have one of our Morkie babies for your own ♥

Black & TanWhite & CreamParti colorChocolateGold





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