Do NOT take your tiny puppy to a DOG PARK!

Do you take your current pet to a dog park?

While you may be the responsible pet owner that vaccinates and de worms their family pet regularly can you say the same for every other dog you encounter at said park?

Do you realize that what you are exposed to stays on shoes, coats, gloves etc and goes everywhere with you?

I’m in no way saying that every dog is diseased or infected but I do believe that a dog park could be and probably is a sess pool of disease with the contaminated saliva, and excrement there!!

Dog parks are NOT the best place to take your tiny little puppy dog.

Remember, that every Tom, Dick and Harry’s dog is there and you do NOT know if they have been vaccinated, and can in turn, make your puppy

VERY sick.

Parvo virus is contracted through the feces of unvaccinated dogs, so if you or your dog comes in contact with it, then this can be FATAL to your little puppy. Dog poop doesn’t wash away outside in the rain. It can carry bacteria that can stay in the soil for a long time.

Parasites are the most common cause, and it is contracted simply as transmitting it from the soles of your shoes to your home.

As well, Kennel cough is often rampant, and even if your dog is vaccinated, they can contract this awful illness!

It becomes a concern when the nasal discharge becomes green, green and yellow phlegm is coming out of the body, and the dog has a fever or

doesn’t want to eat.

Basically, not being themselves in any way.”

Other symptoms could also include bronchitis, or simply having low energy.

Koehler says humans can also act as carriers if they come into contact with another dog with certain bacteria.

“You can carry the virus on your shoes, you can carry it on your coat or anything like that.

Cleaning is the best method using industrial cleaners; bleaches are also good at a good concentration.

So I’d recommend you keep your dogs at home for now, no off-leash parks and that kind of stuff.”


Remember, that most dog owners who use the dog parks, are big dog people. And along with that, comes the BIG dog attitude.

Your dog might be friendly, but that doesn’t mean other dogs won’t still be aggressive.

Dog fights are a common concern in dog parks, and rightfully so. Oftentimes, a dog is the result of its owner. This can be good or bad.

Many irresponsible big dog owners think that they can allow their out of control dog to the dog park and let it loose, regardless of the dogs temperament.

Many owners fail to realize that their big dogs have a natural “prey instinct”…

If their dog was to attack your dog, most of them will not take responsibility….

Do you really want to take the chance, when there are so many other places to take your beloved little pet??

Third, big dogs are prey dogs. It is a natural instinct, for them, that if a smaller animal, no matter if it’s a dog or a rabbit, is running around, ears

flopping in the winds, 9 times out of 10, that big dog will chase after it, and attack.

Fourth, not all dogs get along.

Just like people, certain dogs sometimes don’t get along, and your dog may get along great with everybody, except that ONE dog….

So PLEASE do yourself and your sweet little puppy or dog a BIG favor, and protect him/her by going somewhere safe for your furry family member.. 

 After a dog was attacked at an off-leash dog park, dog experts say it’s important for owners to know their dog’s behavior and to assess the

behavior of other dogs to avoid a potentially fatal confrontation. 

 Animal experts are reminding pet owners to exercise caution when using off-leash dog parks after a puppy was killed.

 One family is grieving after their one-year-old chorkie Russell was killed when two large dogs allegedly pounced on the puppy unexpectedly.

Dog walker Irene MaGee says she’s often seen dogs become aggressive with each other.

“It happened to me too, that another dog gets upset and one of my dogs and then I go in,” she said.

Phil Nichols, Director of Operations at the Humane Society, said it is important for owners to use caution when bringing their dog to an off-leash dog park.

“The risk is always how well socialized other dogs who are using the park are,” Nichols said.

“Just like people, certain dogs sometimes just don’t get along and your dog may get along great with everybody except that one dog.”

Dog owner Deb Nathan says it’s important for people to take ownership of their dogs.

“One of the biggest issues is owners who don’t do that … it’s your dog….you are really responsible,” Nathan said.

Nichols says although these tragic situations aren’t common, it’s important  to be wary when interacting with new dogs.

“What we suggest to people who want to use off leash dog parks would be to really assessing the park before you take your dog there and getting out there and try to meet some of the owners and get familiar with the dogs that are using the park so you can see how things work and they react,” Nichols said.

“You want to get comfortable with reading dog body language and trying to see what the group is doing and how they are interacting with each other.”





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